Muscle Pain: Types, Solution, and Prevention

Muscle Pains?!


Are you interested in learning about the different muscle pains and the solution to solve them?

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What is a muscle pain?

As we all know, muscles play a vital rule in the functioning of our bodies. Without muscles, we won't be able to walk, move our body parts, or even talk. 

Sometimes, due to the overuse of muscles, we encounter muscle pains. The scientific term for muscle pains is called Myalgia. 

Muscle pains can occur due to various reasons, such as:

  • Aging
  • Viral infection
  • Muscle abscess
  • Muscle rupture
  • Muscle cramps 
  • Muscle strain (pulled muscle)
  • Muscle sprain, and
  • Overuse of a particular muscle.

Some of the tasks we perform frequently can also lead to muscle pains, such as:

  • Intense weight lifting or workout
  • Sport activities such as football, basketball, etc. 
  • Using a laptop/computer in an improper position for a long time, and
  • Watching phone continuously. 

What are the symptoms of muscle pains?

  • Immense pain
  • Fever (Usually high fever)
  • Muscle tenderness (Feeling of pain when an affected area is touched)
  • Swelling
  • Redness

Types of muscle pains

There are two types of muscle pains, acute and chronic. 

Acute Muscle Pains:

Acute muscle pain occurs suddenly, and it usually doesn't last for a long duration. Acute muscle pains are the most common types of muscle pains, and it is the one that we encounter frequently. 

Man using laptop.

The muscle pains we experience due to using a phone/laptop/computer, involving in sports activities, working out, and overuse are most probably acute muscle pains. 

Acute muscle pains can be uncomfortable, or sometimes extremely painful, but attending a few massage sessions at the spa are sufficient to remove them. 

But, most of us don't have the time to visit a spa each time we encounter a muscle pain. Moreover, spa massages are extremely expensive!

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Chronic Muscle Pains:

Man holding his stomach.

Chronic muscle pains are the ones that last for a long duration, usually more than six months.

The muscle pains that occur due to muscle rupture, muscle sprain, muscle strain, muscle abscess, viral infections, or aging are most probably chronic muscle pains.

Chronic muscle pains are quite rare, and unlike acute muscle pains, a massage won't be able to remove them. 

If you are encountering chronic muscle pains, you must immediately consult a doctor. Chronic muscle pains can be so dangerous, and many times it could cause severe consequences. 

Muscles are found throughout our bodies, but some muscles found on some parts of our body are more likely to cause muscle pains than others. Some of them include the neck, shoulder, lower back, abdomen, thigh, calf, and foot.  

Mostly the muscle pains that occur in the neck, shoulder, waist, abdomen, thigh, calf, and foot are acute, and they can be easily reduced with HotShot Massage.

Tips to prevent muscle pains caused by physical activities

Man jogging.

  • Some stretches before and after a game or workout can help prevent muscle pains and injuries. 
  • Engage in physical activities frequently so that your muscles could get adapted to it.
  • Don't forget to warm up yourself before any physical game or workout session. 
  • When weight lifting, start with the weight that you can lift at least 10 times. Doing extreme weight lifting can lead to chronic muscle pains. 
  • Don't hold your breath when lifting the weight. Instead, exhale when lifting the weight, and inhale when lowering the weight.
  • Invest in a good pair of shoes. 
  • Take rest when needed.


I hope this blog has covered all the details that you need regarding muscle pains. 

A quick recap of the blog:

  • Acute muscle pains occur suddenly, and they could be reduced by a massage at a spa or by using massagers like HotShot Massage. 
  • Chronic muscle pains last longer, and it requires immediate assistance from a doctor. 
  • Neck, shoulder, waist, abdomen, thigh, calf, and foot, are the parts of our body that are more likely to get muscle pains compared to other parts. The pain we experience in these parts are most likely acute muscle pains. 

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, let us discuss it in the comment section below!

Ok, guys, this is the end of this blog. Take care, and stay safe!



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